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Woven Labels

Woven labels are one of the most common types of labels used on clothing. These types of labels are made on a loom using woven thread and that is why they are very durable.  It is a piece of graphic design usually sewn onto a product for easy and quick identification of the consumer.

Woven Labels for clothes

Types of woven labels

Read below about the different types of woven labels that you can choose depending on the specifications of your brand.

Damask : Damask is the most commonly used label on garments. It is perfect option if you require finer texts or images. This type of label is very durable and is woven slower. These labels have fine yarns and greater weave density, providing a uniform weave.

Satin : These types of labels offer a shiny, smooth, lustrous, and soft appearance. These labels are affordable but fail to generate the design detail of taffeta or damask labels. Satin labels are usually used in garments for infant or on high-end fabric due to their softness.

Taffeta : Taffeta are perfect for bolder images and texts. As compared to satin and damask, they are the least expensive. They are durable due to their tight weave structure, but lack a rich appearance and fine detail.

Folding styles of woven label

When sewing a woven tag onto fabric, there are three main options for finishing: straight cut, centre fold, or end fold.

Folding styles of woven label in detail-

Straight cut : The ends of a woven label are simply heat sealed, not folded. If you plan to sew all four sides or two ends, this is the perfect label for you. The advantage of this type of label is that it fits tightly to the fabric and does not tear easily.

Centrefold : This type of woven label is made as a long rectangle and folded short in the middle. When the two cut ends are sewn into the fabric, the label hangs down. The advantage of this type of label is that you can put additional information on the back, such as care instructions.

End folds : The woven label is made like a straight cut, but there is a small sewing space at the short ends. These sewing compartments are folded, and the sewing takes place underneath the label. This allows for a nice finished look without the seams showing on the outside.