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Snap buttons are little fused discs that are used in textile and leather materials. They are made up of two sections that can be pressed together to close any gaping. They are also known as press studs, snaps, dome fasteners, or poppers and are made up of metal, nylon, or plastic.

Snap buttons are one of the most important elements of clothing, luggage, and other accessories. Available in a variety of shapes and colours, snap buttons are versatile fasteners that seals the gap between two pieces of materials.

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Types of snap buttons

Snap buttons come in different sizes and colors and they differ in the way they are attached. The larger snaps are suitable for thicker fabrics like jeans and leather, while the smaller snaps are more subtle on lighter fabrics.

Below are the different types of snaps:

Basic snaps: These are small round fasteners that have one ball side and one socket side. When attached by hand, each side is sewn to one side of the fabric with four holes, which can then be joined together when fastening.

Covered snaps: These can be purchased ready-made or homemade. The covers are usually made of fabric, and the finished fasteners are attached to the garment by sewing. Covered snaps can also be used as embellishments. When you attach the socket side to the outside of a garment or other item, you can use the ball sides with their decorative covers to enhance the decoration of any item.

No-sew snaps: They look similar to buttons and are attached to the fabric by studs rather than sewing. Pearl snap buttons, introduced in western clothing in the 1940s to prevent injury and damage if clothing got tangled in transit, fall into this category and are envisioned to resemble mother-of-pearl buttons.

Snap tape: In these snap buttons, the fasteners are attached to a strip of fabric. You sew one strip of the tape with the socket side to the bottom layer of the fabric, and the other strip of tape containing the ball sides to the top layer. This type of tape is very popular in casual clothing and clothing for young children; it is often found in baby pajamas and rompers.