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Buttons have become cheap, readily available, and diverse in form, colour, holes, and dimensions.

Earlier they were made by casting, pressing, stamping, and behaved well at further processing and colouring. It became possible huge quantities of practically identically looking buttons to be produced at the same time. This really reduced the consumer prices to an unexpected level, but also led to depersonalization of the buttons. Almost the entire quantity of buttons used was of plastic.

Polyester Buttons

Bharti Button has an intensive variety of buttons in this class because polyester buttons are plastic eco-friendly clothing buttons. Its physical property is such that its material may be utilized in several shapes, sizes, shades, and colours. 

The decorative value of these buttons has reached an unexpected height today. Bharti Button produces different types of buttons according to the form of materials. When its raw material is rod-shaped, the button can be rod-shaped. In general, the most common shape of these buttons is round. So they look more small and lovely. For flat buttons, the process is in the form of sheet pre-treatment.

The first polyester buttons appear shortly after the discovery of the polymers containing activated ester functional group. These buttons quickly removed the plastic ones from the top positions of consumer preferences. The new material allowed even more fascinating buttons to be produced that are also more durable.