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Hang Tags

A hang tag is a small label attached to a piece of product that contains information such as price, size, and colour. Hang tags are attached to clothes, bags, purses, shoes, pieces of jewelry, and so on. Tags are usually fastened to products by tying or hanging them. Hangtags come in a variety of sizes, fabrics, and colours, and are used to provide information about the products.

Hang tags can be an effective way to draw attention to a product while also conveying important information about it. They are necessary for end-users to get product information, as well as for manufacturers to promote their brand identity and raise awareness.

Different types of hang tags for garments

A hang tag attached to a garment includes information about the fabric or material used, care instructions, the model number, manufacturer or designer, and also the price. Check the different types of hang tags used for garments or other piece of merchandise.

Paper hang tags:  These are the most common types of hangtags used in garments. Paper hang tags are made of kraft paper, coated paper, special paper, single-faced and double-side paperboard, corrugated paper, recycled paper, cardboard, etc.

Metal hang tags: These types of tags can be used as a chain material for hanging garment tags to emphasize its style. Metal hang tags are made up iron, copper, alloys, stainless steel, etc.

Leather hang tags: These kinds of tags are best for denim and leather clothing. It aims to exemplify the material of the clothing itself. Leather hang tags are made of all kinds of animal skin, leather, fur, etc.

Textile hang tags:  These kinds of hangtags are ideal for leisure clothing and hang tag strings. Textile hang tags are made of materials like cotton fabrics, chemical fiber, silk, canvas, etc. These types of hang tags are also said to be good for the skin of the people.

Other material hangs tags: There are also some kinds of clothing hang tags that are made of other materials.  These types of tags are perfect for garment hangtags to improve brand value. Other types of hang tags are made of materials like wood, rubber, PVC, and all kinds of mixed materials.