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The Tagua (Tá-goo-ah) or corozo nut used for carving figurines, turning buttons and crafting other fashion accessories is the seed of a tropical palm, a species scientifically known as phytelephas macro carps. 

Corozo Buttons

Corozo is a 100% natural material obtained from the seeds of a tree from Ecuador. It  looks similar to elephant ivory. It is also known as tagua. It is utilised in the assembly of palm tree buttons and fashion accessories. And if we consider it ecologically, it will simply work and remain artificial with varied shades and colour.

Corozo Buttons have excellent durability and they are very scratch resistance, and they can also be dyed what ever colour you want.

Actually when we make buttons from corozo, the corozo is highly hygroscopic and its size slightly changes with climate conditions. When it is immersed in water, it grows approximately 2% of its size in one hour after soaking. Once it dries, it turns back to original size. Attention should be paid to excessive soaking as the material softens and under extremely long immersions (several days) it will corrupt and decay into cellulosic leftovers. This is one of the few characteristics of  that differentiate tagua from real ivory.