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Coconut button- Know about them a bit more in detail

Coconut buttons are exclusive, popular buttons normally made up of coconut shell. You can use them for jewelry making, crafts, sewing and knitting. Coconut buttons are finely finished products and are of high quality. They are the accompaniments on different products that add appealing value and can be easily sewn on fabric. These buttons are available in various shapes and sizes in the market. Coconut buttons are strong and though they are reasonably priced, yet they add richness to the overall look of an apparel and its wearer as well. Coconut shells are crafted to make the coconut buttons.

Coconut buttons are made of coconut shell because of its strong firmness and these buttons are mainly applied to casual clothing.

  • Coconut buttons are available in different colors ranging from light brown to dark brown. They are lighter in color before soaking and darker after soaking. Moreover, the color of the two sides of these buttons also differs.
  • The surface of these buttons is either dotted with spots or lines.
  • Coconuts buttons can also be dyed into different colors after bleaching.

Coconut shell buttons are available in both traditional button styles as well as more fanciful options. Coconut buttons be printed or painted with varying tropical descriptions are very popular choice. Italian glazed coconut button is another popular choice and is used widely in the garment industry. Stylish yet natural and an excellent choice for any outfit, coconut buttons come in different sizes and shapes as well.

Coconut buttons

Bharti Button uses only the foremost lovely coconut shells to make these exotic buttons more elegant and give them a natural look.

These buttons are made of the outer shell of the fruit that is coconut. Characterized by their generally rough surface, the buttons square measures are distinguished by the ethnic feel that they offer to special things.

  • The colour of these buttons ranges from light brown to dark brown.
  • The surface of buttons is dotted with spots or lines.
  • They can also be dyed into various colours after bleaching.
  • The weakness of the coconut button is equal to that of wood buttons.

These buttons are very hard to make. These buttons are not found very easily. But we still somehow make these buttons on a regular basis. All our buttons are generally handmade – natural buttons. All of them are same and unique as well. You might find a small variation in each button for the obvious reason that they are handmade and natural.These buttons have multiple uses from bags to garments to jackets to jewellery. These are also good for kids as they are totally natural.